"As stated yesterday during testimony service, my deepest appreciation goes to you, the Community Sisters In Prayer Ministry, and the Kingdom Transformation Global Ministries (KTGM) church family as you all prayed for healing of my mother from breast cancer. You will recall that I sought you out for prayer immediately following KTGM's First Anniversary Banquet Celebration at Fort McNair November 2008. I had just received word that day that my Mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, a lump the size of a plum, so it was a blessing to be among the saints at the time of this distressing news. God blessed during the entire surgical procedure - she had a lumpectomy in February, which was out-patient surgery, where there was no blood and no pain afterwards. She left the hospital with a bandage and it was removed the next day - just amazing! It was a blessing, also, to be in your company on Sunday, Mother's Day, as you brought the Word from on high to our congregation, to have received word that the follow-up test results came back showing the cancer gone!!! Hallelujah! I could hardly wait to get to church Sunday to give my testimony and praise His holy name. The prayers of the righteous truly avail much and God is faithful!! Thank you all so much for your prayers and please continue to be a light of hope for the community".

Showers of blessing,
Sis. Devonalu Perry
Daughter of Mrs. Tishialu White
Little Rock, Arkansas